1. Introduction

These Terms and Conditions of Use regulate the relationship between the user and/or his or her legal representative and Hang On during his or her use of the facilities, and/or during her or her participation in any activity organized by the entity.

Hang On facility consists of:

–   Climbing walls on which climbing with a rope or auto belay is necessary.

–   Bouldering zone.

–   Training area.

–   Multipurpose rooms.

–   Changing rooms.

–   Common areas.

–   Cafeteria.

–   Outdoor seating area.

  1. Informed Consent.

The user and/or his or her legal representative recognize that:

  1. I understand that climbing in its different modalities that may be practiced at Hang On is a sport which is not exempt of risk, and that although it may be minimized in great part with the correct use of the facility, adopting adequate safety measures and following the Terms and Conditions of Use, there are inherent and unexpected risks assumed.
  1. I have received the necessary information and training about the characteristics of the activity and I have read the present Terms and Conditions of Use.


  1. I am in adequate physical and mental shape to participate in the activity and do not have any illness or physical limitations which impedes my participation in the activity, or that could be triggered during or by participation.
  1. I know and accept that my participation implies physical risk to myself and others, which includes, but is not limited to: Injuries, illnesses, decreased sensory awareness, loss of body parts, permanent disabilities or even death.
  1. I understand and accept that the risks involved with my participation in the activity cannot be completely controlled, neither by myself, the user, nor Hang On, and assume all possible negative consequences that may occur when practicing the activity, except when Hang On fails to act with due diligence, or acts in bad faith or negligence while attending to the circumstances.
  1. I have been informed and accept that, should I have a health problem, Hang On will give me on premise assistance free of

charge, exclusively limited to first aid from non-health care professionals, and should it be necessary, stabilization until the appropriate responsible parties from the health center or hospital, known as emergency services, arrive. This excludes medical equipment, medicine, surgical treatment or other care that should be administered by health care professionals.

  1. In the case that, under responsibility of the user, a minor under 16 years old participates, the declarations and acknowledgements of this document include the minor.
  1. Hours.

Hang On hours are available in reception area.

  1. Access to the Facilities.

To enter Hang On facility, you must sign-in at reception.  Hang On will give member cards to its members or authorized users to identify the authorized owner, the category of the facility pass and the client number assigned to the user.

The member card is used to identify the member, and should be treated with due diligence.

In case of a lost or stolen member card:

  1. The owner should notify Hang On immediately so that a new member card may be issued and the account may be updated.
  2. The owner is responsible for all charges made with the card before notifying Hang On of the lost or stolen card.

The cost for replacing or substituting a member card is three euros (3,00€)

All member cards are property of Hang On and should be returned to Hang On once finishing the pass or membership.

The user declares and guarantees that all personal and bank information and is true and correct and is obligated to keep this information up to date at all times.

  1. Minors and People with Disabilities.

Minors and people with disabilities may only use Hang On facility with previous expressed consent from at least one legal representative.

The legal representative accepts that the minor will use the facility and/or participate in activities by Hang On in agreeance with the present Terms and Conditions of Use.

Everyone under 16 must be supervised and accompanied by an adult.

Youth activities, summer camps and youth classes/events/competitions may be subject to age limitations. Participation in said events may be subject to expressed consent by at least one legal parent or guardian.

Hang On can deny registration for activities, entrance to the facilities or limit access to minors for reasons of security or inappropriate behavior.

  1. Prices and Conditions.

All prices and conditions are available in the facility. In the event of discrepancies, the latest published version will be binding.

  1. Rental Equipment.

The conditions for rental equipment by Hang On are: Climbing harness, helmet, climbing shoes, rope and Gri-gri prices are in the facility.

  1. General Conditions of Use.

Registration is required at the reception desk in Hang On and when you leave, you must return any rental equipment acquired during use of the facilities to a member of staff.

You must act with forethought, common sense and courtesy at all times.

Smoking and drug consumption are prohibited inside and outside of  Hang On.

Alcohol can be sold to people over the age of 18 and consumed in the designated space in the cafeteria.

Entrance will be denied to any person who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Drinks and food must be consumed in the cafeteria area.

Access to the interior of the climbing walls, taped-off zones, private areas and areas designated for “authorized persons only” and “entrance prohibited” is forbidden.

Should you need assistance, please ask any Hang On employee.

Only Hang On employees or people authorized by Hang On may give classes.

Any other person who is receiving payment for classes will be asked to leave Hang On facility and their right to enter the facility may be revoked without compensation.

Any problem encountered with the climbing walls, setting, the facility or bad behavior of a client should be taken directly to a Hang On employee.

The best practices, health and safety posters displayed in Hang On facility should be followed at all times.

  1. Regulations for Rope Climbing and Auto Belays.

To climb rope routes inside the installation it will be necessary to show the ability of basic rope climbing skills. It will be necessary to pass a safety test and to obtain the correct credentials before being allowed to rope climb. The staff will make the appropriate checks.

Do not distract climbers whilst they are on the boulder or rope walls or are putting on safety equipment.

Do not stand or stay under any person whilst the are climbing, you must maintain a prudent distance from the climbing areas except when working together with a climber.

For your safety or in case of doubt do not use any equipment, material or climbing technique without the supervision of a competent person. You should consult a staff member of staff.

It is recommended to use magnesium balls or liquid magnesium to maintain a pleasant atmosphere. Use the magnesium in a responsible manner.

Basic Rules

–   It is obligatory to use semiautomatic or automatic items such as Gri-Gri Sum, Cinch, etc.

–  To connect to the harness it is obligatory to use a double eight knot.

–  It is obligatory to climb in the rope area with a rope.

–   It is prohibited to interfere with the routes that other people are climbing.

–   It is prohibited to attach anything to the walls at any height , anchor points   etc.

–  It is obligatory to always use equipment in good condition and that is approved. –

   -Before climbing a route it is obligatory to make a check with your climbing  partner of all materials.

   -It is not permitted to grab on to any metal elements of the structure.

Rules for Auto Belays

–   The carabiner for the auto belay must be attached to the ring of the harness, at the end of the route it must be attached to the start point where it was found at the beginning before climbing.

–    It is not permitted to stand under the climber, It is necessary to respect the safety area.

–   During the descent you must have control and not swing a twist.

–   The auto belays may only be climbed on the specific routes for them, you may not spread yourself on the other routes of the wall. –

–   If you do not know how to use the auto belyas please ask a member of Hang On staff for help.

  1. Regulations for Bouldering.

–    Always check it is a safe area to climb before starting, and you not in the way of other climbers.

–    It is prohibited  to eat food or drink on the mats.

–    Do not leave personal belongings on the mats , phones, shoes, clothes etc.

–   You may not stand or sit on the mats if you are not climbing.

–   Do not sit under where someone is climbing.

–   Where ever possible try to climb down before jumping as to avoid an injury.

–    Brushes are available when needed to clean.

–    Please respect and pay attention to other climbers. Do not climb on top of them or walk below them.

 –   It is prohibited to climb boulder whilst wearing a harness

  1. Regulations for Groups and Courses.

The organization of any group or course outside of Hang On courses should be confirmed with Hang On in order to assure the event can take place. Any activity should be confirmed prior and will be subject to different conditions of use of the facility.

  1. Personal Belongings.

Personal belongings and material should be stored in the cubbyholes, lockers or spaces reserved for this use.

Hang On does not assume responsibility for misplaced or stolen items in any of the facilities, including parking areas, and in particular, objects deposited in the cubbyholes or lockers. Loss of Locker key will be charged to the person at a price of €5.

Hang On recommends that users do not bring valuables to the facilities, nor leave them in the cubbyholes.

  1. Notification in Case of a Problem.

The user is obligated to communicate immediately to a Hang On employee any damage or problem observed in the facility in order to create a safer environment for all users and eliminate any potential risks.

The lack of communication carries legal consequences for negligent actions.

  1. Breach of Contract.

The failure to comply with these rules will be cause for automatic expulsion from the facility and definitive membership cancelation from Hang On without any compensation. Hang On reserves the right to limit or stop admission to the facility for security reasons or inappropriate behavior.

  1. Additional Rules

Hang On can modify, develop and update these Terms and Conditions and appendices.

Such changes will become effective immediately after publication in the facility and on the web page.

In the case of discrepancies, the version dated most recently will be binding.

16. Gift Cards

Gift cards are transferable and can be added to any person’s account as soon as that person has signed the waiver and has an active account. Once in the destination account, it cannot be moved to another account, but can be used over various visits. 

Gift cards can be used against any purchase in Hang On Climbing Centre (shop, cafeteria, classes, entrances, memberships, material). They have an expiry date of 1 year, after this time the voucher will be deleted from the system and will not be able to be retrieved. 

No cash refund will be given against the gift cards. If the full amount has not been used, the remaining amount will stay on the person’s account and could be used at a future date. The gift card voucher must be handed in to reception (either printed or shown digitally) to be applicable for use.

17. Images and Personal Information.


DATA CONTROLLER: THOMAS FORRISDAHL (X3907906E), AVDA NAOS, 51. 35500. Arrecife lanzaroterocodromo@gmail.com  PURPOSES: Manage your requested products or services and sending you business information, including via digital media. LEGITIMATION: Service contract and commercial legitimate interest. ASSIGNMENTS: Those necessary for the provision of the services and those legally provided. STORAGE: Your data will be stored during our relationship. Upon conclusion, it will be blocked during the terms required by law to attend to any liabilities. Business information: Until removal is requested. RIGHTS: You have the rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation and portability of your data by contacting the Data Controller. In the event of any dispute a claim may be filed with the Data Protection Agency (www.agpd.es)


From THOMAS FORRISDAHL we request your consent to take photographs or videos during the activity organised so as to publish them internally in the same establishment, in addition to catalogues, webpages and social networks or other means of communication (television, press, blogs, etc.) so as to promote our activities and services, all of which shall be free of charge. Under no circumstance will your image be transferred to third parties without your consent nor used for commercial or profit-making purposes. In addition, we inform you that unless you indicate otherwise, we shall store your images while they are published in the media described above and subsequently as a historic record of advertising campaigns, events and/or activities.

In any event, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure and data portability together with objection and restriction of processing by writing to lanzaroterocodromo@gmail.com. In the event of any dispute with the company with regard to the processing of your data, you may file a claim with the Data Protection Authority (www.aepd.es).